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Enhancing performance of small-scale farming supply chains

CropCare works to improve the performance of small-scale farmer supply chains. The inclusive Farm-to-Shelf model implemented by CropCare through an integrated supply chain...

Promotion of consistent supply of horticultural produce

Most agri-based SMEs are faced with the challenge of consistent supply of high-quality horticultural produce CropCare organizes farmers based on the uptake capacity of the SMEs...

Access to safer, healthier and sustainable food to citizens

CropCare is committed towards incentivising initiatives and production practices that result in safer, healthier and sustainable food more accessible to citizens. This has been accomplished through CropCare active role in championing for a fundamentally different food system...


CropCare supports the actors to jointly address the evolving business constraints in value chains such as maintaining consistent quantity and quality of vegetable standards, builds capacity of small holder farmers in GAPs, business skills, financial education and brokering linkages between value chain actors.

Agribusiness Clusters and Coaching

CropCare establishes ‘Agribusiness Clusters’ which are networks of local value chain actors interacting in a given geographical area to produce an agricultural commodity for a target market, through a common or shared vision.

Enhancing sustainability of spray service providers

CropCare promotes SSPs sustainability through an all-Inclusive-model to establish their resilience. We work to incentivise, motivate as well as equip SSPs with various non-technical capacities (soft skills) necessary for the sustainability of the SSP