About Us


CropCare Technologies is an agri-business support services provider founded in 2011, in Nairobi to provide high quality agricultural business development services through building the capacity of smallholder farmers, building business relationships through promotion of trust and transparency among actors, establishing sustainable linkages to markets, finance and services providers, establishing local networks (agribusiness clusters) by forming partnerships with relevant actors and organisations within and beyond the clusters. The company specializes in business development services for smallholder farmers to build more resilient farming enterprises through capacity building for SMEs to improve their performance, brokerage and networking, linkages to finance and access to markets.

We believe smallholder farmers do play a key role in food and nutrition security and providing decent livelihoods for urban and rural communities. Equipped with skilled experts and the right resources, we create the necessary linkages for a sustainable seed-to-shelf framework. CropCare offers support services to the SMEs in sourcing safe vegetables and building regulatory and market support for traders that value food safety in vegetables.